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Elgondolkoztam, miért van rajtam ez a rózsaszín korszak... 
aztán tegnap rávilágítottak:))) mert mindenhova ahol járok megjelenik a rózsaszín ilyen - olyan formában. IKEA..., H& M, C&A , Butlers és a nagyobb butikok is sorra tele vannak a rózsaszín csodás árnyalataival... 

na ezért ...... :) tudat alatt is ehhez igazodtam :)

Christina McDaniel, IFTF’s Fashion and Trend Consultant has identified three trends for next year’s Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 season - Modern Bohemia, Folkloric Mod and Lady Kitsch.
Modern Bohemia is all about clashing and mixing print, patterns and colour with the Arts and Crafts movement being a major source of inspiration. The colour palette associated with this trend is an offbeat mix of electric blackberry, bitter chocolate and plum browns worked with a tawny coral and mauve grey.
The key theme of the Folkloric Mod trend is tradition and heritage in 1960s Britannia. The style cue come from the Mods, who took pride in the craftsmanship of a well tailored suit, their love affairs with the fur hooded parka and the pimped out Italian scooter. These heritage classics are updated with a warm caramel and ginger brown set against clay tone neutrals, heather mauve and a deep forest green.
Finally, the Lady Kitsch trend (pictured) focuses on Ladylike dressing, which is making a huge comeback. Inspiration comes from a time when women dressed like ladies and wore pretty feminine colours. It is iconic 50s but totally tongue-in-cheek, as today’s modern woman has a different set of values. To conjure an image of this trend imagine classic couture with a pastiche of plastic flowers and pin-up girl glamour. The key here is not to take things too seriously and to have fun with colour. The highlight colours come in the form of a duck egg teal and a rich golden bright. The base palette is a fanciful melange of dusted nectar pinks and pretty pales, with an ash grey neutral and almond brown.
To read more about the fashion, celebrity and social trends for fur, visit iftftrends.com

aki tényleg szeretne trendi lenni az ITT  is nézelődhet :)))

meg itt is megnézheti az előrejelzéseket :)))

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